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What is a Silver Gelatin Print? Answer...
What is meant by "Limited Edition"? Answer...
What is a "lifetime print"? Answer...
What does it mean when you say "Printed Later" or "Estate Print"? Answer...
Are the photographs originals? Answer...
Is a print worth more if it is signed by the photographer or estate? Answer...
Are there any price discounts? Answer...
What is the difference between a "modern" print and a "vintage" print? Answer...
Who owns the copyright to a photography I might buy? Answer...
What is an archival print? Answer...
Do I need to know the provenance of the photograph I buy? Answer...

Heritage Graphics offers images by contemporary photographers as well as these 20th century masters:

Eve Arnold
Lillian Bassman
Harry Benson
Ilse Bing
Marcel Bovis
Bill Brandt
Anton Bruehl
Corrnell Capa
Robert Capa
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Ted Croner
Imogen Cunningham
Morris Engel
Elliot Erwitt
Adolph Fassbender
Martine Franck
Sid Grossman
Bedrich Grunzweig
Erich Hartmann
Andre Kertesz
Jacques Henri Lartique
Arthur Leipzig
Saul Leiter
Inge Morath
Martin Munkasci
Ruth Orkin
Sol Prom
George Rodger
Willie Ronis
Harold Roth
Edward Steichen
Arthur Stieglitz
Louis Stettner
Dr. Dain Tasker
Roman Vishniac
Sabine Weiss
Brett Weston